GT-WD1200 Fixed Gas Detector

GT-WD1200 Fixed Gas Detector
SMART sensor module
Two relay output for 4-20mA type
Sampling method: natural diffusion
Working voltage: DC24V土25%
Ingress Protection: IP65
Hart protocol optional
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GT-WD1200 fixed combustible gas detector is our new developed type of gas detector. It adopts high-quality gas sensitive element and microcontroller technology, and fully tested and calibrated ready for installation.


GT-WD1200 fixed combustible gas detector offer a comprehensive selection of gas detection to meet diverse requirements of many industries and environments such as petroleum and petrochemical’s oil refineries, metallurgy industries.


SMART sensor module

Two relay output for 4-20mA type

Visual & audible alarm

Easy operation by infrared remote controller

Hart protocol optional

Technical Data

SMART sensor module
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Protection Grade: IP65
Output Signal: 4-20mA
Working Voltage: DC24V±25%
Power Consumption: ≤3W
Response Time(t90): flammable gas≤30s, toxic gas≤60s
Working Temperature:
-40℃~70℃(flammable gas)
-20℃~50℃(toxic gas/oxygen)
Working Humidity: ≤95%RH(no dews)
Transmission Distance: ≤1000m
Dimension: 204mmx220mmx105mm
Weight: About 2kg

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