BX171 Single Gas Detector

BX171 Single Gas Detector
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Sensor: Electrochemical Sensor
Accuracy: ≤±5% FS
Sensor Life: 2 years
Working Voltage: 3V Lithium battery
Protection degree: IP66
ATEX Approved
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BX171 single gas detector is designed for O2, H2S, or CO detection. It can continuously detect the concentration of combustible gas and toxic gas.


With the features of lower consumption, good reliability, firm configuration, small size, BX171 can be widely used in the oil field, chemical plant, mining, environmental protection, city construction etc.


Disposable type

Audible and visual alarm

ATEX approved

Confidence beep

Technical Data

Sensor type: Electrochemical sensor, for CO, H2S, O2
Working Method: Natural Diffusion
Accuracy: ≤± 5% FS
Response Time: <30s
Working Condition: Temperature: -20℃~55℃, Humidity: <95%RH non dew
Working Voltage: DC3V Lithium battery
Sensor Life: 2 years
Explosionproof grade: ExiaⅡCT4
Protection degree: IP66

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