Confined Space Gas Detection

Confined spaces are one of the most dangerous types of industrial applications because of the lack of ventilation and pockets of gas can easily build-up.

gas detection for confined space entry

In the confined work spaces found in chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, underground mines and utility passageways, the air may be contaminated with toxic or combustible gases or suffer from a lack of oxygen. Every day, workers who are just doing their jobs can come into contact with airborne contaminants that are harmful or even fatal. This especially is true of workers who must enter confined spaces to perform job tasks.

Confined space portable gas detector detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen deficiency and combustible gases. They utilize a pump to pull the gas sample into the instrument and should be used prior to entering a confined space.

Following pre-entry checks, workers need to be protected upon entering confined spaces. To protect workers, Each person entering the confined space should be equipped with a portable gas monitor worn where it can be checked easily and frequently. It’s a must-have, life-saving tool that can be used in a wide range of industrial settings.

Hanwei Electronics supplies a range of portable gas detectors to assess and monitor oxygen levels, flammability, and toxicity to keep workers safe during entry or routine maintenance and operations.

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