• Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

    苏轼 《水调歌头》 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。 May we all be blessed with longevity. Though far apart, we are still able to share the b...

  • Typical Areas Where Gas Detection is Required

    In the industrial field, the main hazards of gases come from flammability (risk of fire or explosion), toxicity (risk of poisoning), and suffocation (h...

  • Industrial F&G Detection System

    System overview This is a safety management system for fire and gas detection. It collects the detection signals of the fire button, smoke, fire, combu...

  • All-round detection of gas leakage to prevent dangerous accidents

    In response to recent gas accidents, the Ministry of Emergency Management, in conjunction with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and ...

  • Gas Detection System for Limited Area

    Product overview In order to ensure production and personal safety, in accordance with the relevant requirements of Q/SY1242-2009 Safety Management Reg...

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