All-round detection of gas leakage to prevent dangerous accidents

In response to recent gas accidents, the Ministry of Emergency Management, in conjunction with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other departments, has promoted the comprehensive disposal of gas-using bazaars, catering and other production and business units in various regions, and installed gas alarm devices as soon as possible to effectively solve the problems that affect gas safety. The problem requires urgent deployment to carry out special rectification of the gas industry, large-scale inspections of production safety, and resolute prevention and containment of similar accidents.

We all know the truth that "the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in an ant nest", and most of the safety accidents can be prevented. While dealing with the accident itself, we must also promptly investigate and deal with the "incident signs" and "accident signs" of similar problems to eliminate the hidden dangers of major accidents in time. The recent frequent gas accidents certainly make us heartache, but how to avoid recurrence is the most critical issue at the moment.

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation, as a professional manufacturer of gas sensors and gas detectors, can supply all-round gas leakage detection.

1. LPG gas leak detection solution for home use
They are installed in the kitchens to continuously monitoring if any LPG gas leaking into the area. Except for gas leak alarming, they can also activate the linked exhaust fan or gas shut off valve.

2. BX166 gas leak detector
It is used by home users to check if there is any leakage on the LPG connections. Or, this product can be supplied as a gift when you sell the LPG gas to the end users.

BX166 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

3. JL269 and HRLD600 gas leak detector
It is used by gas suppliers to check if there is any leakage from their gas network (like pipelines, connections etc) .

JL269 Natural Gas Leak Detector

HRLD600 Handheld Laser Methane Detector

4.Gas detection solution for restaurants or commercial kitchens (24-hour continuous)

TC100N Fixed Gas Detector

KB2160 Detector Control Panel


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