Gas Detection System for Limited Area

Product overview

In order to ensure production and personal safety, in accordance with the relevant requirements of Q/SY1242-2009 "Safety Management Regulations for Access to Restricted Spaces", strengthen the safety management of operations in restricted spaces to prevent hypoxia, suffocation, poisoning, fire and explosion accidents, With the help of modern technical means such as mobile Internet and Internet of Things perception, an online monitoring system for safe operations in limited areas will be built to protect the lives of employees and the safety of national property.

System makeup

Main applications

The VG-60 online monitoring system for safety operation in limited area can meet the limited space requirements of different industrial fields including petroleum, chemical industry, energy, power generation, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and natural gas.

Advantages & Value

HD camera
High resolution, 1080P, clear and delicate image
Support automatic color to black function
Support backlight compensation function, suitable for monitoring foreground objects in a backlight environment
Support through fog to make the image more transparent
Voice intercom
Voice is clear and no noise
Stable call
Multiple gas detection
Gas sensor high concentration protection function
Gas sensor failure self-check
Replaceable modular sensor
Automatic calibration function to reduce detection error
Excellent dust resistance
Plus high-definition transparent dust cover, waterproof, dustproof and easy to handle


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