Which Confined Space Gas Detector is Right for Your Application?

Many workers are injured and killed each year while working in confined spaces. Toxic, corrosive or combustible gases can easily accumulate in confined spaces, presenting an immediate danger to anyone who needs to access that space. To prevent these hazards from potentially causing injury, you will need access to a confined space gas detector.

Identify Your Gas Detector Options
Single Gas: This type of detector is pretty self-explanatory. Use single gas detectors when you only need to check for one specific type of a gas.

Multi-Gas: With unknown or multiple hazards, a multi-gas detector can measure several gases simultaneously.

Portable: Portable gas detectors keep workers safe from gas hazards by continuously monitoring the user's breathing zone (which is typically within a 25cm radius of the user’s mouth.) Outfit each worker with a portable confined space gas detector for continuous monitoring of dangerous gases. Due to their size, they’re also often used to test confined spaces for safe entry. You can choose single or multiple gas monitors depending on the conditions.

Fixed: When mounted in an enclosed area, this type of gas detector can be used to detect gas before workers enter the area. Fixed gas detectors can be used alone or linked together to create a protection system. In certain situations, then, a fixed gas detection system will be more appropriate. Not only will it offer automated, round-the-clock coverage over a wide area: it can be configured to perform a range of automatic actions in the event of an emergency.


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