Portable 4 gas detector in oil drilling platform increases safety

The typical offshore oil rig is composed of several modules, including the wellbay, personnel quarters, process areas, power, and drilling areas. Identifying elevated levels of flammable gas in offshore drilling units and petroleum refineries can allow staff members to address these issues before a catastrophic accident occurs.

portable 4 gas detector

At Hanwei Electronics, we offer portable and fixed gas detection systems to provide early warning of flammable or toxic gas buildups within your facility. Portable gas detectors are a must for drilling operations, chemical plants, and petroleum refineries workers.
BX616 Portable 4 Gas Detector
E4000 Four Gas Detector

Potential Hazards
Hydrogen Sulfide
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Oxide
Combustible Gases

Gaseous toxic substances are especially dangerous because they are often invisible and/or odourless. Hydrogen sulphide for example is particularly hazardous; although it has a very distinctive ‘bad egg’ odour. Prolonged exposure to concentrations above 50 ppm will result in paralysis and death.


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