Portable laser methane detectors–Leakage detection in city gas industry

Gas leaks detection is an important issue in infrastructure monitoring and industrial production, prevent safety hazards and to ensure functionality of many products. For natural gas pipeline surveillance, many instrument developments aim at fast and sensitive remote detection of gas leaks.

Hanwei Electronics have announced the addition of the HRLD 100, a handheld remote laser methane leak detector, to its product line. Using laser spectroscopy, HRLD 100 can detect through glass and by simply pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line the handheld unit will monitor the levels of methane detected(Detection distance maximum 50 meters).

HRLD 100 Portable laser methane detector

HRLD 100 Portable laser methane detector can be used for, but is not limited to, gas leak inspections of residential buildings and properties, natural gas pipelines and facilities, and gas containers. In addition, the HRLD 100 can be used to check valves, fittings and pipes inside a pressure regulating station, providing readings which are faster and more accurate than the results from traditional methods.

Popular Application
Natural Gas Pipeline
Residential Area
Natural Gas Station
LNG Vehicle


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