Portable four gas detector used in coal and mining

Portable four gas detector used in coal and mining. An underground mine is an inhospitable place in which to work. Gas poisoning and explosion is a major hazard, There are several hazardous gases that are the product of mining and mineral processing. These products, which include methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) etc, require continuous monitoring in order to protect the well-being of mining equipment and personnel.

Toxic and explosion gases are very often released in underground mines and cannot easily be detected by human senses. Modern mining has very strict regulations which require the use of portable gas detectors.

To accurately monitor these gases, Hanwei Electronics offers a variety of portable gas detectors, including the portable single gas detector series, the portable multi gas detector series, and the E4000 four gas detector, a compact, robust and high quality portable instrument.

Hanwei Electronics gas detection instruments are highly flexible and can be configured to suit specific customer requirements, ensuring that the highest possible levels of safety and protection are maintained.


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