Portable oxygen gas detector for confined space: Do you really need it?

No matter the setting you work in, you always want to make sure that the facilities don’t pose any hazards to workers, especially when working in an environment that is susceptible to the leaking of harmful gases and chemicals. Confined spaces are one of the most dangerous types of industrial applications because of the lack of ventilation and pockets of gas can easily build-up.

portable oxygen gas detector for confined space

Should you choose a portable gas detector capable of detecting the one hazardous gas you’re most likely to encounter, or a multi-gas meter, capable of detecting several gases simultaneously?

Single Gas: Designate these portable gas detectors to monitor a specific known gas or oxygen concentration. Single gas detectors are useful when you only need to monitor one gas.
View BX171 Portable Single Gas Detector

Multi-gas: With unknown or multiple hazards, a multi-gas detector is best. Measure multiple gases simultaneously following this sequence: Oxygen, combustible gases and toxic contaminants. Four standard gases — methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.
View E4000 Portable 4 Gas Detector


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