The Selection And Use Of Portable Ammonia Gas Detectors

Ammonia is a widely used chemical that can be found in industrial environments such as fertilizer plants, food processing, refrigeration and chem-plants. It is a colourless gas with a pungent smell. Inhalation of gas or vapors can be harmful to those working in industries where ammonia is being used. Hanwei Electronics have several portable ammonia gas detectors available to measure ammonia gas used in industrial applications.

Portable Single Gas Detector
Single gas detectors are portable gas detectors that only have the ability of detecting a single gas threat. They function in the same way as other portable gas detectors.
View E1000 Portable Single Gas Detector

Portable Multi Gas Detector
Portable multi gas detectors are used for the detection of flammable gases, oxygen depletion and an extensive range of toxic gases meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries. Designed for situations where a variety of gases need monitoring at the same time the detectors are avaiable preset to meet your individual requirements.
View E4000 Portable Multi Gas Detector

Fixed gas detection systems are costly to install and maintain. Therefore, a portable gas detector is a much more practical means to protect the users from potentially harmful and toxic gases in areas that people don’t visit often.


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