Why You Should Consider Portable Multi-gas Detector for Confined Space

Around the world, thousands of employees enter confined spaces every day, including sewers, boilers, silos, vats, pipelines, tunnels, storage tanks, ship compartments and underground vaults. Before entry, a confined space should be monitored for all atmospheric hazards suspected to be present.

Common hazards found in the work environment include:
Oxygen deficiency
Hydrogen sulfide exposure
Carbon monoxide exposure
Combustible gases(methane)

That is why you must have a reliable portable gas detector, but the question is, what type should you buy? These portable gas detectors range from single-gas for oxygen deficiency to multiple-gas for oxygen, combustible, and toxic gasses.

Portable Multi-gas Detector for Confined Space

Before deciding on type of gas detection equipment, you should perform a hazard assessment. The results of that will help you determine the type of gas detector you need. At the minimum, your multi gas detectors should be able to detect Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen. You also may want to consider getting equipment that can detect Ammonia, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Phosphine and Cyanide.

Crucial for any confined space work site, those working on refineries, in mines, sewers or any other enclosed space should all reap the passive protective benefits of these highly portable, reliable portable multi-gas detectors.


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