What Does An Ammonia Gas Leak Detector Do?

Ammonia is composed of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. It is a colourless toxic gas with a characteristic pungent smell. Ammonia (NH3) is one of the most commonly produced industrial chemicals. It is used in manufacturing of fertilizers, cleaning fluids and in certain pharmaceuticals. Food and beverage companies use many tons of ammonia for refrigeration, flash freezing, and bulk storage, all running the risk of gas leaks.

Since an ammonia leak can be very dangerous, having an accurate and reliable ammonia leak detection system in place can mean the difference between averting disaster or having numerous fatalities. Portable and Fixed gas detections systems work together to provide a safety net of gas detection.

Portable Ammonia Gas Leak Detector has high sensitivity to ammonia gas. The sensor can detect concentrations as low as 10ppm in the air and is ideally suited to personal protection applications. There are many kinds of portable single or multi gas detectors to choose from.
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Fixed Ammonia Gas Detection Systems typically comprise one or more detector sensors connected to a separate main control panel. In a sensor reads a dangerous ammonia gas level, sirens or visual beacons can be activated to warn workers to vacate the area. This sort of installation is suited to larger spaces like chemical plants and storage areas.
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