Atex Approved Gas Detector Can Save Your Life

Gas detection technology is widely used in industry to protect facilities, processes and personnel from unexpected leaks and discharges of combustible or potentially harmful or toxic gases.

From companies in the oil and gas industry to water treatment facilities, research labs, and various manufacturing facilities, having the ability to quickly detect gas leaks, dangerous gas levels can ultimately keep workers safe each day, as well as save lives should an emergency occur.

Here you can find an ATEX approved Gas Detector for flammable gases (LEL), oxygen and toxic gases. Gas detectors have a variety designs; portable single gas units, portable multi gas units, and wall mount fixed gas detection systems.

Fixed gas detection systems typically comprise one or more detector sensors connected to a separate main control panel. This sort of installation is suited to larger spaces like industrial plants and storage areas.
View BS03 Fixed Gas Detector

Fixed gas detection systems are costly to install and maintain. Therefore, a portable gas detector is a much more practical means to protect the users from potentially harmful and toxic gases in areas that people don’t visit often. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive. These units typically have built-in alarms designed for worker safety and monitoring personnel in confined spaces.
View BX171 Portable Single Gas Detector


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