Portable hydrogen gas detector for industry production

Portable hydrogen gas detector for industry production. Hydrogen is one of the key starting materials used in the chemical industry. Oil refineries use hydrogen (H2) to process crude oil into refined fuels such as gasoline and diesel, and to remove contaminants from these fuels. Other industries that use hydrogen include producing fertilizer, food processing, metal refining and electronics manufacturing.

When mixed with enough air, hydrogen becomes a highly flammable gas that can ignite easily with just a spark, destroying equipment and harming personnel. With Hanwei Electronics's E4000 portable multi gas detector or E6000 6 gas detector workers can monitor exposure in areas where hydrogen may be present.

portable multi gas detector

In years to come, hydrogen itself may become one of the most important fuels for cars as on burning it does not produce carbon dioxide, but there are major problems to be overcome before it can be used in this way. These include its manufacture, storage, distribution and how it can be used efficiently in cars.

Whether the requirement is for a portable gas detector or a sophisticated multi gas detection solution, Hanwei Electronics can provide gas detection to suit the application.


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