Portable multi gas detector — gas detection for the Oil & Gas Industry

The processing of oil and gas can have a wide range of toxic gas hazards, flammable gas hazards or asphyxiant gas hazards. Gas detection is critical to protecting people and property from these hazards.

The 3 stages of the oil and gas processing

Exploration and Production
Transportation, storage and distribution
Oil refineries and petrochemical plants

We offer an extensive range of portable multi gas detectors or fixed gas detection systems for the oil and gas industry, designed to monitor a wide variety of toxic and combustible gases, such as methane, hydrogen suplhide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen deficiency.

Oil & Gas Industry Potential Hazards

Hydrogen sulfide
Combustible gases
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Hydrogen fluoride
Sulfur dioxide
Volatile organic compounds
Oxygen deficiency


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