Carbon dioxide detection at your brewery: What you need?

Brewery workers face threat from carbon dioxide poisoning, and it is necessary to equip portable gas detectors.

During fermentation in the brewing process, yeast consumes oxygen and expels large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide can cause injury or death in two ways: by displacing oxygen which causes suffocation or inhalation of the toxin itself which is extremely dangerous. CO2 is probably the most prevalent hazard in wineries and breweries.

As CO2 can cause asphyxia, it can be hazardous to personnel operating around the process machinery. Workers in these areas should be aware of the risks and ensure they use appropriate gas detection equipment.

Because many breweries are quite large and can contain numerous confined spaces, it’s a good idea to equip all maintenance workers with portable gas detectors specifically designed to detect CO2. Portable gas detectors can be clipped onto a workers clothing, providing constant protection from gases.

Hanwei Electronics offers comprehensive solutions for gas detection inside of breweries and distilleries. Our offering includes portable single gas detector, portable multi gas detector and fixed gas detection systems. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your gas detection application.


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