Why you shouldn't ignore portable combustible gas detector

In the confined work spaces found in chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, underground mines and utility passageways, the air may be contaminated with combustible or toxic gases or suffer from a lack of oxygen. To protect individual workers against gas hazards, portable gas detectors have become the tool of choice. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and able to go wherever the user takes them.

Reliable and highly responsive detection
The dangers posed by combustible gases are real. A leak of natural gas (methane), LPG gas (propane) or butane can cause an explosion. Portable combustible gas detector play an important role in keeping plant and personnel safe.

Selection of single or multi gas
Hanwei Electronics offers solutions for every application, from 1-gas to up to 6-gases at the same time. Very loud audible alarms, visual alarms and vibration alarms are used to ensure that the worker is immediately alerted to gas hazards even in dark and noisy environments.


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