Portable hydrogen sulfide gas detector in Oil and Gas increases safety

Safety and health is a serious concern throughout the Oil and Gas industry and both portable and fixed gas detection systems play an important role in keeping personnel and plant safe.

These portable gas detectors enable a worker present in the plants that have these toxic gases, to protect himself from exposure. One of these is hydrogen sulfide in the production process of the Oil and Gas industries (complete from drilling to refining). This gas that smells like rotten eggs, is even in low concentrations, extremely toxic.

portable hydrogen sulfide gas detector

With Hanwei Electronics’s BX171 hydrogen sulfide gas detector (ATEX certificate) detects H2S leaks from oil and natural gas operations quickly and unambiguously. They are relatively low in price and also feature disposable, no-maintenance convenience.

Again, The portable multi gas detectors supplied by Hanwei Electronics can help you to detect toxic, flammable and combustible leaks, as well as monitor oxygen depletion.


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