Portable gas leak detector: protecting workers in the City Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous workplace, workers in the industry contend with multiple gas hazards (such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia) so gas detection equipment is crucial in protecting both personnel and plant.

Hanwei Electronics offers a variety of gas leak detectors and portable gas detectors to natural gas distributors, utility operators, gas pipeline operators and contractors world-wide. JL269/GPT100 natural gas leak detector is a highly sensitive wide range gas detector. It can be used to detect natural gas, LPG, and hydrogen gas.

JL269 portable natural gas leak detector

The gas network connects producers, processors, storage, transmission and distribution functions. Gas distribution describes the activity of providing piped gas (commonly methane) to industrial, commercial and residential properties. All companies involved in the production, processing and distribution of gas need to protect people and plant from explosive and toxic gas hazards.

Tip: Methane is flammable at levels between 5% vol (Lower Explosive Limit - LEL) and 15% vol (Upper Explosive Limit - UEL).


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