Using portable CO2 gas detector in the brewing industry

Gas hazards in a modern brewery consist of Carbon Dioxide from fermentation, CO2 recovery and carbonation processes, Ammonia leaks from refrigeration, and plus the potential for Oxygen deficiency in certain areas.

Many of these breweries have not been concerned about gas detection as Carbon Dioxide is non-toxic and was considered harmless by many. CO₂ gas can cause injury or death in two ways: by displacing oxygen which causes suffocation or inhalation of the toxin itself which is extremely dangerous. Quick, reliable detection of CO2 (and O2) levels can therefore be a matter of life and death.

Prior to entering a fermentation tanks, cellars or other confined space, a ‘release measurement’ of CO2 must be taken using portable gas detectors. This is the only reliable method to check whether the CO2 concentration is actually at a safe level. If a certain CO2 concentration is exceeded the portable CO2 gas detector will go into alarm mode with both audio and visual alarms.
E4000 Portable Four Gas Detector

Additionally, Fixed CO2 detectors can be used for CO2 monitoring in breweries. Fixed gas detection systems typically comprise one or more detector "heads" connected to a separate control panel. If a detector reads a dangerous CO2 level, extractor fans are automatically triggered and sirens can also be activated to warn workers to leave the area. This sort of installation is suited to larger spaces like production plants and cellars.
BS03 Fixed Gas Detector


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