Why municipal workers really need a portable multi gas detector

Without proper gas detection, hazardous atmospheres may significantly affect the health of worker. Many harmful gases cannot be detected by smell or vision and can only be measured with special gas detector.

portable 4 gas detector for confined spaces

Gas detector help protect employees from deadly gases found in the workplace. For the municipal worker, portable gas detectors are primarily used in confined spaces, such as sewer, underground pumping stations.

What’s the most common type of portable multi gas detector for municipal workers? A standard E4000 portable 4-gas detector. These detectors will detect LEL’s, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. These four gases are the main hazards associated with confined space entry.

You can also buy a portable 6 gas detector.

Depending on its sensor configuration, proper gas detection equipment can help identify the hazard and protect your workers. Consult with Hanwei Electronics to determine the best device for your company.


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