Choose the right portable multi gas detector for your job

Workers can be exposed to flammable and toxic gases in numerous process industries including mining, paper mills, iron smelting, petroleum refining and sewage treatment works. To protect individual workers against gas hazards, portable gas detectors have become the tool of choice. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and able to go wherever the user takes them.

portable multi gas detector

Without proper gas detection, hazardous atmospheres may significantly affect the health of worker. High concentrations of methane can be explosive and hydrogen sulfide can reach life threatening levels in seconds, while ammonia irritates the eyes and respiratory tract.

Whether you need a disposable portable single gas detector for a particular job or would rather have a more advanced device such as a portable multi gas detector reliably for a long time, you can find the right gas detection equipment here.
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There are many kinds of Portable Gas Detectors and Fixed Gas Detectors to choose from. Consult with Hanwei Electronics to determine the best device for your company.


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