Why your workers needs a portable CO2 gas detector

CO2(carbon dioxide) is not a toxic gas, it has no direct harmful effects however higher concentrations can be dangerous as an asphyxiant. CO2 is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable gas, it is essential to monitor levels of CO2 in the workplace.

CO2 levels of 1.5% can already cause hyperventilation and headaches. 10% CO2 levels can lead to death. Our portable and fixed CO2 detectors can detect the changes in the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) within an enclosed area. Suitable for brewing, wineries, confined space, storage areas, freezers, food packaging, and HVAC applications.

Portable gas detectors keep workers safe from gas hazards by continuously monitoring the user’s breathing zone (which is typically within a 25cm radius of the user’s mouth.) Since these detectors must operate at close range to the user, they are often handheld, lightweight devices that can be easily worn or attached to a belt.
View BX176 Portable Single Gas Detector
View E4000 Portable 4 Gas Detector

CO2 Gas Detector Applications
Brewing and Distilling
Confined Space
Gas Monitoring for the Drinks Industry (CO2/Ammonia/Freon/etc)
Rapid Detection of CO2 in Cooling & Refrigeration
Landfill Market


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