Portable Laser Methane Detector for Landfill Monitoring

Landfill Gas (LFG) is the product of microbiological decomposition of land-filled waste. The bacteria thrive under anaerobic conditions and turn complex organic compounds found in waste matter into primarily Methane and Carbon Dioxide, LFG is approximately 50-55% methane and 40-45% carbon dioxide.

HRLD100 Portable Laser Methane Detector

The HRLD100 is a portable gas detector based on highly advanced technology known as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy(TDLAS). It allows high-sensitivity real-time detection of methane from a distance. Methane leaks can be quickly monitored by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. It enables easy access to hard-to-reach locations, and provides protection for operator and industrial applications against a wide range of potential leak sources.
View HRLD100 Portable Laser Methane Detector

This portable laser methane detector allows the real-time detection of low methane concentrations (5ppm-m) and can be operated at a safe distance (30 metres).

Typical applications include:
Landfill gas monitoring
Industrial and commercial property surveys
Gas plants and pipeline surveys


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