When should you replace the portable gas detection sensor?

Portable gas detectors are gas detectors worn or carried by individuals. Battery-powered, portable detectors are typically used for toxic or flammable gas detection, as well as airspace monitoring for confined spaces. So how do you know if the detector is doing their job? This is largely related to calibration. However, it is also related to gas sensors.

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How does a portable gas detector work?

Gas detectors can save lives. They ensure workplace safety by alerting workers to the presence of toxic gases, the presence of flammable gases, and lack of oxygen in specific areas.

Gas detectors can remind employees of the following things:
Combustible gas
(methane, propane, etc.)
Toxic gases (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorine, etc.)

If any of these gases or chemicals reach an unsafe level, the detector's warning signal will be activated. Gas detectors are usually equipped with three warning signals: vibration, flash and audible alarms.
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According to its sensor configuration, suitable gas detection equipment can help identify hazards and protect your employees.

For combustible gases, portable gas detectors use catalytic oxidation, semiconductor sensors or infrared sensors.
For toxic gases, most portable gas detectors use electrochemical detectors and others use metal oxide semiconductors.

How often should I replace the sensor in the gas detector?

When their sensors no longer work as they should, replace it

There is no official standard to follow, but usually the calibration/maintenance time depends on the application. If it is an office application, it should be no problem to check the sensor once a year. If the application is in any type of industrial environment, then quarterly inspections should be conducted. As long as your sensor calibration is successful, you can continue to use them.


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