Laser handheld methane detector for underground gas pipeline

Installations and pipelines which contain or convey natural gas must be checked regularly to ensure safe and green operation. Leaking natural gas can cause explosions leading to loss of life and property.

HRLD100 laser handheld methane detector

The HRLD100 from Hanwei Electronics is an innovative hand-held methane gas detector that provides instantaneous and accurate readings and is ideal for hard to reach locations. It is a professional instrument for the detection and localization of methane gas leaks,suitable for the detection of leaks in underground and aerial pipelines.
View HRLD100 Handheld Laser Methane Detector

This laser-based HRLD methane detector is easy to use, highly sensitive and easily detects up to 30 meters (98 feet) away. Methane leaks can be quickly monitored by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. It enables easy access to hard-to-reach locations.

HRLD100 Handheld Laser Methane Detector opens up a whole new realm of gas detection applications such as: Natural gas networks, Landfill surface emissions, Momentary leaks of methane.


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