What is the price of a handheld laser methane gas detector?

The handheld laser methane detector is a methane specific gas detector with Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy(TDLAS)technology. Using laser technology, methane leaks are located by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line.

HRLD 100 handheld laser methane detector

Focused on usability and operation, the HRLD 100 offers a number of features, including audible and visual alarms, fast responses times, GPS locate function and data transmitted to monitoring platform by GPRS.
View HRLD 100 Handheld Laser Methane Detector

The HRLD 100 allows you to precisely determine the location of the methane leaks in a number of environments, including natural gas networks, road surface surveys and landfill sites.

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