How will a portable methane gas detector detect a gas leak?

Health and safety are becoming ever more important in any workplace, especially when working with gasses. To protect against a wide range of industrial gas hazards, Hanwei Electronics Group offers a wide variety of fixed and portable gas detectors for virtually any industry.

Methane gas (CH4) is a chemical compound made up of 1 carbon atom and 4 hydrogen atoms. It is the main component of natural gas and therefore is commonly used for fuel. Although it is not toxic it is extremely flammable and can form explosive mixtures with air. Production of methane gas occurs naturally in many industries including waste disposal, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical and the energy sector.

portable methane gas leak detector

The GPT100 portable methane gas leak detector is an ideal instrument for pinpointing combustible gas leaks(methane, propane) in a number of industrial and commercial applications. It uses a long-life sensor and is easy to operate. In addition the Hydrogen specific version is ideal for use in power stations as well as fuel cell leak checking.

Portable multi gas detectors are also ideal for use in small, confined, or moving areas where a fixed instrument is impossible to install. In places where ventilation is highly-limited, compact and movable gas detectors have sensitive sensors that can detect gas leaks, lack of oxygen, and toxic gases.

Combining one or more sensors with powerful audible and visual signs to warn of high Methane concentration are not missed.


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