The importance of remote methane leaks detection in natural gas industry

Detecting methane leaks for oil and gas distribution companies can be extremely difficult. Above ground pipelines can be out of reach and are often within restricted. Remote gas leak detection is a proactive way to prevent unnecessary loss of human life resulted from methane(natural gas) leaks.

Remote Methane Leak Detection Solutions
Hanwei Electronics has 2 primary remote methane leak detection solutions to handle almost any operating environment. It has been widely used in many fields, including natural gas industry, petrochemical industry, and so on.

Portable Solution: HRLD100 Handheld Methane Leak Detector is a laser-based methane gas detector (natural gas) that can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to 30 meters away allowing remote detection of difficult to access places such as; underground piping, compressor stations, offshore platforms, plant/industrial inspections, gas processing plants, gas gathering, drilling sites, landfills and more.
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When the infrared laser beam is transmitted from the launch port, some of the laser light is reflected back and converted to an electrical signal. This carries data to deduce methane concentration.

Open-Path Solution: This system uses an open path infrared laser beam that detects methane leaks through a long narrow range up to 120 meters in length. This solution provides an excellent instrument for perimeter monitoring around storage tanks, off-shore platforms, loading docks, and fence-lines.
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