Personal gas detectors confined spaces

Personal gas detectors are highly sophisticated instruments that are extremely effective, simple to use and easy to calibrate and maintain. They have a variety of applications for use with fire and emergency service personnel, confined space entry, utilities, water treatment plants, mining, steel mills and any industries where accidental leakage of gas or vapors can endanger workers.

personal gas detectors confined spaces

A Confined Space, refers to an area whose enclosed environment and limited access make it dangerous to workers. Examples of confined spaces include pipes and sewers, boilers, silos, tunnels, storage tanks, cellars, ship compartments and even underground vaults.

Confined spaces found in refineries, chemical plants, and mines, may contain toxic and combustible gases and lack a safe level of oxygen. Inspecting and working in these types of spaces requires reliable gas detector in order to stay safe and be aware of any danger before entering, and knowing when to ventilate or evacuate.

To protect workers, Each person entering the confined space should be equipped with a portable personal gas detector worn where it can be checked easily and frequently.


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