The 10 Items Need to be Known When Install the Industrial Explosion-Proof Gas Detector

1.For places where is heavy leakage of combustible gas, a test point should be provided at a distance of 10m-20m apart in accordance with relevant regulations. For unattended and discontinuous pump house, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of leakage of combustible gas. A detector should be installed at the lower air outlet.
2.For hydrogen leak sites, the detector shall be installed above the leak point.
3.For gas density greater than air medium, the detector should be installed the place below the leaking point, and pay attention to the surrounding environment characteristics. Special attentions should be paid to the establishment of safety monitoring points for sites where combustible gas is easy to accumulate. The density of tested gas is different, the location of detector should be different. When density of tested gas to be light than density of air, the detector shall be installed below the roof 30cm and downward in direction, conversely, the detector shall be installed above the floor 30cm and upward in direction.
4.There is no strong electromagnetic filed (high power motor, transformer) that can affect the work of instrument in surroundings of detector.
5.The alarm is safety instrument, with sound and light display function. It shall be installed places which easy to see and easy to hear, so as to eliminate the hidden trouble in time.
6. The installation height of alarm is determined by the specific gravity of air. It is about 60 centimeters away from the ground, and it will be about 60-70 centimeters away from the roof so that the maintenance personnel can carry out the routine maintenance.
7.The detector of alarm is mainly composed of platinum wire coil, a coil of aluminum oxide and adhesive, and its outer surface is provided with platinum, palladium and other rare metals. Therefore, it must be careful in the installation, avoid breaking the detector.
8.The installation of outdoor detector can select the installation height according to the density of tested gas. Please pay particular attention to that the detector shall be installed on the leeward side.
9. The connecting cables of the alarm loop shall be provided with protective sleeves, preferably with metal hoses at the junction of the detector, and shall be in accordance with the explosion-proof level of factory.
10. After installation and debugging, please be sure to install breathable waterproof cover to avoid rain.

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