From 1 to 4: portable 4 gas detector for refineries

From 1 to 4: portable 4 gas detector for refineries. Refineries and chemical processing can have a wide range of toxic gas hazards, flammable gas hazards or asphyxiant gas hazards. Hanwei Electronics offers the most comprehensive line of gas detection products for the oil and gas industry to keep workers safe during routine maintenance and operations.

A 4-gas portable gas detector is needed for working in a refineries instead of just single H2S gas detector. There are several to choose from. BX616 4 gas detector or E4000 portable multi gas detector.

portable 4 gas detector

They are very simple to use. Should you encounter any dangerous gas levels, the portable 4 gas detector will alert you three different ways: Bright alert lights flash simultaneously with a 85dB alarm and a vibration alarm to make you aware of any hazards.


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