Portable gas detectors — Refrigerant Ammonia gas leak detection

Portable gas detectors — Refrigerant Ammonia gas leak detection. Ammonia has been used for over a century as refrigeration gas, Ammonia is used as a refrigerant primarily in applications requiring very low temperatures such as food processing or ice arenas and has no global warming potential or effect on the ozone level. The drawback of Ammonia is that it is very toxic with a pungent odour and, in high concentrations, can be flammable.

Therefore, an automatic Ammonia detection system must be in place to warn of and quantify an Ammonia release. Workers and visitors to a site using Ammonia as a refrigerant must be protected from the effects of ammonia on health and safety. Both portable and fixed gas detector instruments, or a mixture of both, can be used and are dependant on site conditions for this.

Hanwei Electronics provides BX176 portable single gas detector, portable multi-gas detectors including the E4000 four gas detector, and the E6000 6 gas detector.


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