What are the uses for a portable Oxygen detector?

Portable gas detectors are used by workers to sweep a work area, to know if there is any toxic and combustible gas lurking around the area. These detectors are also called as handheld gas detectors.

The dangers posed by Industrial production process (steel production, oil production and refining) are real. For example, workers may be required to enter poorly ventilated confined spaces such as pipelines. In this case and to ensure their safety, portable gas detection equipment should be used to check for the presence of oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide, as well as flammable gases, before entry.

BX171 portable oxygen gas detector

The BX171 is an accurate, fast response portable Oxygen detector. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and is both water resistant to IP66 and with ATEX approved.

At the same time, Hanwei electronics offers a variety of series rugged and compact portable multi-gas detectors can be configured to detect four to six gases all at once (such as O2, H2S, CH4 and CO).


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