Why you really need a portable confined space gas detector

Why you really need a portable confined space gas detector. Any worker in a confined space is under potential threat from toxic gases and incidents involving man-down. A work environment where high levels of toxic, flammable, or combustible gases are present with a limited amount of oxygen can be very hazardous. This commonly occurs in various industrial environments such as mines or oil & gas industry. A portable gas detector can detect and monitor the concentration of toxic gas as well as the level of oxygen in the air to keep workers safe.

Portable gas detectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and sensor configurations. For confined space work, it is necessary to monitor for oxygen deficiency/enrichment, combustible and toxic gases. Hanwei Electronics offer a gas detection monitor suited to each safety application, whether it be for single or multiple gas detecting.

Maintenance free BX171 portable single gas detector, Easy to use, event logging single gas detector with display for H2S, CO or O2.

Confined space E4000 Portable multi-gas detector with internal pump option, Offers up to four gases, particularly for the hazards in oil & gas, mines, and petrochemical industries.

People that benefit from the use of these portable gas detectors are those who work in confined spaces and hazardous areas such as:

Oil rig workers
Sewer technicians


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