Using portable 4 gas detector to protect your workforce

Exposure to hazardous gas create an immediate and long-term health risk to personnel. It’s best to be prepared for unexpected threats, especially when they can affect the health and safety of your workplace and employees. Hanwei Electronics is committed to providing the quality products for a wide variety of gas leak detection applications. Our Portable gas detectors are ideal for tunnels, water & sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, mining, oil and gas industry.

portable 4 gas detector

A portable gas detector can fit in the palm of your hand or even clip onto a belt. The Portable 4 gas detector can be easily configured to detect harmful gases such as combustible gases, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide.

Multi-Gas detectors are essential for protecting personnel in mining, underground tunnels, and chemical plants.

The other solutions we are proud to offer to our Global clientele include:
BX616 4 Gas Detector
BX171 Single Gas Detector
E6000 Six In One Gas Detector


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