Protect your workforce from deadly hydrogen sulfide with portable gas detectors

Also known as H2S, hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable gas that has a distinct “rotten egg” odor. Exposure to H2S can result in irritation to the eyes and lungs, nausea, and headaches. High levels can result in shock, convulsions, unconsciousness, and death.

Portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors from Hanwei Electronics, provide a gas monitoring solution alerting the worker to the danger and preventing accidents or even death.

BX616 Portable 4 gas detector

Why is monitoring so important?

Workers can be exposed to hydrogen sulphide gas in numerous process industries including mining, paper mills, iron smelting, petroleum refining and sewage treatment works.

H2S is a potentially deadly gas often called “the silent killer” because the affected worker may never realize that they are in danger. It is recommended that workers should always wear portable H2S detectors when working around potential H2S sources.

Since hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air, workers in confined spaces are most at risk. Those operating in sewers, pipes, and agricultural spaces should ensure their gas detector is in good shape and can accurately detect this poisonous gas.

BX171 Single Gas Detector
BX616 Portable Multi Gas Detector


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