The benefits of using portable single gas detector

In many industries it is necessary for workers to have a portable gas detector on hand in order to comply with company safety standards. Workers can be exposed to hazardous gases in numerous process industries including mining, paper mills, iron smelting, petroleum refining and sewage treatment works.

Our portable gas detectors provide both single and multiple gas monitoring options for Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, flammables and a wide range of toxic gases, allowing to help assure you of a safe and non-toxic working environment.

Portable Single Gas Detector

Detectors that monitor only a single gas are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and usually feature disposable, no-maintenance convenience. The main benefit of these disposable gas detectors if their low maintenance cost.
View BX171 Portable Single Gas Detector

If you want to have a more advanced device such as a multi gas detector, you can find the right gas detection equipment here. A portable four gas detector provides comprehensive gas detection coverage for complex working environments.

Hanwei Electronics offers an extensive line of quality gas detection products specifically designed to assure your working environment is a safe place. Products include portable, and fixed gas detectors.


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