Know the benefits of a portable multi gas detector

Gas detector and detection systems can save lives. No matter the setting you work in, you always want to make sure that the facilities don’t pose any hazards to workers, especially when working in an environment that is susceptible to the leaking of harmful gases.

Gas detectors can detect and show the levels of toxic gas, combustible gas, and oxygen that might be present, allowing you to keep working conditions safe for everyone involved. There are two main types of gas leakage detection systems: portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors.

Portable Multi Gas Detector

Portable multi gas detector that simultaneously monitors, displays, and alarms for four gases (4 standard gases: LEL, O2, CO, and H2S), provides comprehensive gas detection coverage for complex working environments.
View BX616 Portable Multi Gas Detector

Compact profile, easy to wear — allows feeling comfortable even when working in tight spaces.
Portable gas detectors typically cost less than fixed gas detection systems.
Most are battery powered eliminating the need for a main power source.

To ensure proper usage, operators must be carefully trained.
Portable gas detectors don’t provide automatic responses, leaving the user to take action on their own in the event of a gas leak.


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