Understanding your open path laser methane detector

Gas detection technology is widely used in industry to protect facilities, processes and personnel from unexpected leaks and discharges of combustible or potentially harmful or toxic gases and vapors. Because of this, companies everywhere are starting to take a closer look at open path gas detectors, Open path laser methane detectors measure the presence of methane and warns when the concentrations in air approach the explosive range.

OPGD1000 open path laser methane detector

In many oil and gas facilities and other industrial plants, gas detection is spread out over a very large area. While some gas detectors are only designed to monitor small areas, a open path laser methane detector has the ability to use its advanced infrared technology to monitor areas measuring thousands of square feet.

The Hanwei Electronics OPGD1000 laser methane detector has a T90 response time within three seconds. Depending on its configuration, it can detect gas over a path length of 60m, 120m, and is suitable for use in SIL 2 systems whilst providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

Main Application
Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Facility
LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Storage Areas
Offshore Oil and Gas Platform


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