Handheld CO2 gas detector: Do you really need it?

Carbon dioxide, or CO2 is a commonly occurring gas that is all around us. It is colourless, odourless, is naturally present in Earth's atmosphere. However, excessive concentration of carbon dioxide can be harmful to humans, Exposure to elevated levels of CO2 can have life threatening effects.

In all seriousness, the only way to tell how much CO2 is in a room is with a CO2 gas detector.

Many commercial environments, such as laboratories, greenhouses and industrial areas use carbon dioxide detectors to ensure that those within the area are working with a comfortable level of ventilation and aren't affected by too much carbon dioxide.

There are two main types of detectors to consider. All two varieties will alert you to excessive CO2 levels with an alarm and a strobe indicator.

Portable/Handheld devices – A portable CO2 gas detector attaches to a belt or other clothing with a clip. This type of monitor is designed to be worn while working around potentially hazardous environments. Since CO2 is heavier than air, portable monitors should be worn low on the body. It is ideal for the winery and beverage industry.
View BX616 4 Gas Detector

Fixed detectors – As the name infers, this type of system is fixed, or permanently mounted in its location. Large facilities may require several detectors, for example on breweries.
View GT-WD2200 Series Fixed Gas Detector

For workers in laboratories, industrial plants, or other areas where a buildup of toxic or combustible gases is a possibility, it’s important to have detection systems that are accurate, reliable, and able to detect a variety of gases.


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