How will a confined space gas detector detect gas?

It is important to test the air inside confined spaces for oxygen as well as toxic and flammable gases prior to entry. Confined spaces are not designed for people, but workers may have to enter these areas regularly in order to perform maintenance tasks, such as Municipal Departments, Oil Production / Refining and Chemical Plants, etc.

confined space gas detector

What is Confined Space Gas Detector

Confined Space Gas Detectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and sensor configurations. For confined space work it is necessary to monitor for oxygen, combustible gases and toxics. Therefore, an instrument capable of dealing with these 3 hazards is necessary.

Sampling the atmosphere from outside the space using a gas detector with a sample pump is the preferred method of pre-entry testing and is definitely considered to be the best practice. E4000 portable multi gas detector can be fitted with up to 4 gas sensors in various combinations of flammable, toxic and oxygen to provide simultaneous monitoring of each gas.

Confined Space Gas Detector Common Applications
Municipal departments field service or construction workers
Maintenance crews operating in leaking valves, sewers, pipelines, culverts, tanks, pits and vessels
Technicians operating around gas pipelines or gas appliances


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