How will a portable H2 gas detector detect a gas leak?

Hydrogen gas has a wide flammability range (4% to 74% by volume), detonates (explodes) from 18% to 59%, and is very easily ignited. The major fields of activities exposed to hydrogen are the chemical industries, the oil and gas refining industry, electrochemical research and the manufacturing processes of using or producing hydrogen.

Hanwei Electronics Group product line includes a range of state-of-the-art, portable hydrogen detectors, hydrogen gas leak detector and fixed gas detectors designed to ensure safety within an enclosed or open area where there is the potential for a hydrogen leak.

BX176 portable H2 gas detector

To protect individual workers against gas hazards(CH4, H2S, H2 or CO), portable detectors have become the tool of choice. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and able to go wherever the user takes them.

Each portable gas detector varies in size and complexity, with different display options, ensuring a suitable model for each application of industrial gas hazard. Options are available for both single gas detecting, such as the BX176 portable single gas detector, and for multiple gas hazards; for example, the E6000 multi gas detector can continuously measure up to six gases.

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