How to find the right industrial lpg gas leak detector for your business

LPG is an explosive hydrocarbon gas consisting of butane and propane. It is heavier than air and sinks to the floor in case of leakage. In today’s world, LPG is used everywhere.In industries, in our home, in hotels & restaurants. And then there are chances that the LPG leakage would happen.

industrial portable lpg gas leak detector

To protect against a wide range of industrial gas hazards, Hanwei Electronics Group offers a wide variety of gas detection instruments for virtually any industry: Portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors.

JL269 portable gas leak detector is used to detect the presence of a dangerous LPG leak at a LPG station, gas boiler, storage tank environment. The detector has excellent sensitivity combined with a good response time, the flexible measuring probe even enables you to check areas that are difficult to access.

Furthermore, industrial gas detectors have a variety designs; portable single gas detectors, portable multi gas detectors(up to 6 gases), and wall mount fixed gas detector systems.

Take a closer look at the particular hazards employees could encounter at your jobsite. Then, decide which gas detector will work best for you.


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