About industrial NH3 gas leak detection

Ammonia is commonly used in many industries, including petrochemical, pulp and paper, fertilizer and the oil industry to name but a few. Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is also very widely used as a coolant in large industrial refrigeration systems. Food and beverage companies use many tons of ammonia for refrigeration, flash freezing, and bulk storage, all running the risk of gas leaks. It is very essential to use Ammonia Gas Leak Detector.

Ammonia leaks are pretty uncommon, but when one does occur – the results could be lethal. Ammonia gas is very toxic and flammable.

There are two main types of Ammonia gas leakage detection systems: portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors.

A portable ammonia gas detector is a personal protection equipment (PPE) . These gas detectors are small and lightweight that can be easily worn or attached to a belt. They’re also often used to test confined spaces for safe entry.
View E1000 Portable Gas Detector

A fixed gas detector on the other hand is permanently installed in a given location and monitors the area 24/7. They are especially useful in industrial plants(Oil & Gas, Winery & Brewery, Petrochemical) for monitoring concentrations of gas.
View TC100N Fixed Gas Detector

Gas detection systems are essential safety equipment for industrial plants, offshore exploration, wastewater treatment facilities, and other areas where dangerous chemicals can present a risk to workers and can lead to catastrophic fires and explosions. There are many kinds of detectors to choose from. Consult with Hanwei Electronics Group to determine the best device for your company.


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