Things you didn't know about explosion proof portable gas detector

For many industrial facilities, hazardous gases can be a serious danger. Since hazardous gases can present themselves in a myriad of environments—spanning industries such as oil and gas, wastewater treatment, pharma, and chemical and fire services—portable gas detectors need to be able to identify a variety of threats.

BX171 explosion proof portable single gas detector

Hanwei Electronics Group carries a comprehensive assortment of portable and fixed gas detection devices in order to keep your personnel and your facility safe.

BX171 explosion proof portable single gas detector designed for protection from exposure to hydrogen sulfide, oxygen deficiency, or carbon monoxide and will last from one to three years which require no maintenance or calibration.

For example, a work site may require a portable gas detector that's suitable for confined space entry. In this scenario, you should consider selecting a device that is compatible with external pumps or has an internal pump, as well as the long probes or hoses used for confined space.
View E4000 Portable Multi Gas Detector

On the other hand, A fixed gas detector system is permanently installed in a given location, Not only will it offer automated, round-the-clock coverage over a wide area: it can be configured to perform a range of automatic actions in the event of an emergency.


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